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* "i was too shy to confess to this girl in my biology class. i found your website and put in her e-mail address.. just on the off chance that she liked me. a few days later i got a message from your site telling me that she also likes me!!!!"
- Jordan

* "Me n me girlz doin' great now thx"
- JP49

* "my best friend was always talking about this guy she was into. i kept telling her to ask him out but she thought the guy should make the first move. i knew that he was the shy type and that some kind of action needed to be taken! one day she got an e-mail from whyarentwedating telling her some somebody likes her. i told her to just put his e-mail in and see. you never know, right? so she did and it was him! they both got the "match e-mail", so they both knew they liked each other and so then he asked her out on a date. they may have never gone out if it wasn't for your site."
- Mels1810


* "your site really works.... i just used it because i was bit bored to be honest. i'm not bored anymore though because i've now got a gf!! awesome site!!!"
- LaurentRobert


* "awesome idea! there's a guy who i've wanted to go out with forever now. we spend so much time together, it's as though we're made for each other. i've had feelings for him for a while now, but i didn't know whether he felt the same and didn't want to damage the friendship. the thought "why aren't we dating" had passed through my mind countless times but there was nothing i could do about it. using your site i was able to express my feeling without risking the friendship. and lo and behold, within a few hours i got a message notifying me that he'd registered too and chosen me! now we are an item and life couldn't be better!!! (he told me he got the email)"
- Kate


* "no more fear of rejection...."
- Nikki


* "we are in the same circle of friends so it was just impossible to ask him out. if he rejected me, it would have destroyed my entire social life. he gave no indication that she liked me so i wasn't willing to risk it like that. my sister had mentioned this whyarentwedating site so i checked it out. it then occured to me that if i use this website he'll only know that i like him if he also likes me. so it was perfect. i haven't got any good news in my inbox yet, but it least it gives me a chance. i feel much happier knowing that i've at least tried something. so thank you."
- CondoCandy8


* "a few of us were playing with your website whilst slightly drunk. ended up putting in the e-mail address of someone we liked. the others missed out (no match), but i was lucky. got a match e-mail 1 day later! never would have had the guts to ask her out otherwise so thank you :)"
- Matthaus


* "been having lots of fun on this site with colleagues."
- Sophie


* "for 2 long years i had feelings for my colleague. since we work in the same office,!i felt it would make life a little complicated if i asked him and the feelings were not mutual. then i was introduced to your site, and realised that it's a risk-free way of finding out whether he likes me. so i entered his e-mail address and mine. he must have got the "anonymous invite" thing and chose me as the one he likes. so we both got the match e-mail and now going to work is a pleasure in more ways than one ;)"
- Judy


* "i am so happy! he likes me!!!"
- Alicia_me_now


* "Hi! fantastic how it sends an anonymous invite to the other person. when i find someone i'll know where to go :)"
- Wilson


* "it's a really meaningful website. how many people are there in this world who are in love but cannot confess?"


* "been looking for a site like this for ages. thanks."
- John M


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