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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Register/Sign up with WhyArentWeDating?

Follow the instructions on the Main Page. Once you've filled in both 'Your Email', 'Their Email' and clicked 'Why Aren't We Dating?' we'll send you an Activation Link that you'll have to click on to activate your account.


Why am I not seeing emails from WhyArentWeDating?

Please check the 'junk' mail folder as some services may have incorrectly marked us as spam. 'Mark as Safe' to make sure that you receive all future emails from us - this is important as we may be informing you that your crush has chosen you!


How do I change my details?

If you have already signed up to WhyArentWeDating then please Login with your email address and password. There you'll be able to modify your details and even update to a new crush!


Why do we limit you to one person/email address?

You have to be careful to consider the one you really love/like - Remember, the other person only gets one person too... they must have thought carefully about who they really like... and chosen you


Why do you recommend to use MSN email addresses?

Nowadays people may have multiple emails and we want to make sure it's the email you submit that you and your crush use the most. Maybe you chat to them on msn and they always check this email right? ;)


What will we send to your crush?

We will send an anonymous email to invite your crush to WhyArentWeDating. The 'proof that you know them' will be the subject of the email so that they know that they know have been nominated by somebody they know.


What happens if we choose each other?

We will send an email to tell you both that you've chosen each other along with a personal message if you've chosen to put one


Can I change my crush?

We understand that sometimes life moves on. Log on to whyarentwedating and you can change your crush in the update details page. Remember that we will only match you on the current email.

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