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Quiz - Does he like me?

1. How does he react when you look at him??

a) He looks back and smiles.
b) He looks at me and then quickly looks away.
c) He pretends not to notice.
d) He doesn't notice me at all.

2. How often does he talk to you?

a) All the time!
b) Not very often, he's kind of shy.
c) Sometimes, when we get the chance.
d) He never talks to me!

3. What is his body language like when he's around you or talking to you?

a) Just the same as with his guy friends.
b) He seems a little nervous and looks away all the time.
c) He leans in so close that we almost touch!
d) He seems kind of bored and distracted.

4. How do his friends act when they're around you?

a) When they're with him they seems look over at me a lot.
b) They seem to be making fun of me.
c) No different than usual.
d) They always say good things about him.

5. Does he ever compliment you?

a) He compliments me all the time.
b) He sometimes says nice things about me.
c) Not that I've noticed.
d) Never said anything nice about me.

6. What does he usually talk to you about?

a) He asks me what I've been doing lately and we talk about that.
b) We have so much in common we talk about anything and everything.
c) He's always asking about my friend!
d) Stuff I'm not interested in.

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