May 21 2010

Make him fall for you! How to get your best friend to confess

Make him fall for you - The essential things to know

Last time we talked about the direct route to confessing to your best friend.

However maybe you feel the time’s not right or you’re not ready to tell him. Don’t worry, this is natural, however there are still some things you can do to help make him fall for you. This we can call the ‘make him fall for you‘ plan:

If he is your best friend, remember that he views you as a friend first and a girl second. So you have to make sure that he sees you as a girl first and a friend second. This will make it a lot easier for for him to confess to you if he likes you.

We’re trying to make him make the first move. I know this is especially hard as you are bursting inside to tell him your feelings. ¬†Even if you are ready to confess sometimes it is a good idea to important part after the jump…

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